Our Vision

To create a brand that sets us apart. Our quality & cost will be something to beat in Africa & beyond.

Our Mission Statement

At fechudony, we solve your space problems. Solutions as little as changing
the door swing, can increase the size of your space. We create spaces and
interiors that enhance user's livability and promotes their well-being. Our eyes to details is second to none. Clients and Workers are left fulfilled and satisfied all through our projects.


...A creative Solution company

Space is a constraint. We are here to solve all the space problem you have. We will offer you a range of solutions and materials that are both inspiring yet practical. Choose which solution corresponds best to your identity and budget.

Our structure experience and local knowledge mean that we can provide creative quality interiors at the best prices available. Our integrated teams provide our clients with these key benefits.
Also our regional experience and network of suppliers mean that we can provide the highest levels of quality materials at extremely competitive prices. By covering both design and build we can overlap phases and bring the project in faster and cheaper than our competitors.

From workplace appraisals, space planning and design, approvals fit-out and
maintenance .No conflicting timelines or varying costs.

Each project is assigned a single project manager dedicated to ensuring that the office & interior design stage merges seamlessly into the fit-out and finish stage. One privileged point of contact for all your questions about how the job is progressing.

Finishing is paramount in ensuring the project comes in on time and to specification. We double-check to ensure zero snags on all of our projects.